1. What is your success rate?
I’ve helped organizations raise millions of dollars in grant support. I have a 100% success rate writing federal grants and, of those I can track, estimate a 75%-80% approval rate by foundations.
2. You have a 100% success rate. Please explain.
Yes, I have a good record of accomplishment with federal grants. I attribute my success to experience as a program officer – I used to be on the federal grant making side of things. Reading federal grant proposals, deciding who gets the money, and auditing and administering federal grant programs provided an education and experience unlike no other. I want to be clear that my success rate applies to federal grants in which I am actively involved in both the planning and writing processes. Some agencies ask me to review and help strengthen their draft proposals, and often the revisions I suggest have to do with the program design. Therefore, it is important to seek my input before you get too close to the deadline to allow enough time to revise the project. Lastly, I screen organizations asking for my assistance with grants. The federal grants arena is highly competitive, and I work with organizations I believe are capable of developing and implementing successful programs. It is too costly and time consuming for an agency to prepare a federal grant application when they simply do not have what it takes to compete successfully.
3. What kind of grants do you write?
I write grants to help organizations support their projects, programs and services; to purchase equipment; build endowments; and renovate or construct facilities. I generally do not get involved with research and infrastructure grants (i.e., transportation and road projects, sewer lines, etc.) My clients are for profit, not-for-profit, public, and government agencies.
4. How do you charge for your services?
I base fees on an hourly rate. Please contact me, and based on the project, I will quote you either an hourly rate or a flat project fee.
5. What if we hire you and the grant program is canceled?
You pay me only for the time I have contributed to the project up to the date of cancellation.
6. Will you review our proposal?
Yes, I will review and make suggestions to strengthen your proposal. Click here to see Services.
7. Do you conduct your work in our office?
I conduct nearly all work from my office but am open to discussing other arrangements.
8. How long does it take to write a proposal?
I allow one to two weeks to complete a foundation proposal. I prepare an initial draft, send it to you for feedback, revise it accordingly, and prepare a final version. Federal grants require more time and ideally take 4-8 weeks to prepare.
9. Do you solicit foundations?
I do not engage in the direct solicitation of grant makers. Relationship building is an important part of fund raising, and my philosophy is to prepare you, the client, with materials and information enabling you to develop relationships directly with foundations and other grant makers. The future of your organization may depend on it.
10. Do you teach grant writing?
Yes. I teach several online courses, some qualifying for college credit, and present webinars, workshops, and seminars. Click here to read more about them. I am the author of “Let’s Write a Grant,” a tutorial for writing a foundation proposal. Click here for more information about the book. I also host a website for grant writers @ Grant-Writing-Proposals.com where you can access many helpful articles and documents. Grant-Writing-Proposals.com also houses a Proposal Library making hundreds of sample foundation proposals and federal grant applications available to subscribers. Click here to access Grant-Writing-Proposals.com.